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The WingClip is a handy paperclip with logo that is used for all kinds of applications. She is available from 500 pieces. This paperclip with logo is available in different models just like the AxionClip. The standard model is straight. We also have round or with a rectangle. If you have a special with for a custom shape, you can always contact us. Don’t forget that the mold has to be specially made, so this is quite valuable. But, this way – there is an option for any type of logo! This stainless steel paperclip with branding is easy to use and can be applied to documents up to 18 pages.


Printing or engraving

Wingclips are digitally printed from 500 pieces. This is always full-color and one-sided. two-sided print is possible with digital print. The additional costs are 40% on the clip price and twice the setup costs. This is because there is double the work. From 2.500 pieces the WingClip is printed using PAD print. In most cases this is in PMS colors, but from 5.000 pieces it can be done full-color. A transparent protective layer is brought on the clip to protect the ink.


The standard swallow’s tail model is printed on both sides without extra costs. Single sided print is also possible if this is requested. Usually both sides have the same print, but it is possible to have a different print on the front and back. This is without costs if the same colors are used on both sides. Other models of the WingClip can also be printed on the back. The backside is the same for all WingClips. We also offer engraving for our WingClips. This is always one sided.



We always make a design completely free of charge. If you would like us to do so, you can add your logo with your price quote request. We prefer an Adobe Illustrator .eps or .ai file. But for a first time design we can use a .jpg or .png file as well. If it comes to an order, we do require a vectorised file (.ai or .eps). We can also recreate your logo for a small fee.


The real WingClip

The digital WingClip always has the trademark MarkClip tm logo at the top of the fold. This is because these clips are pre-produced before being printed. They are stamped out of metal and folded before your logo is printed on it. With PAD printed clips, the clip is printed first before being stamped out of the metal. Therefor there ís the option to leave it off. There are additional costs of: € 30,00 per 1.000 clips for that. With the trademark on the clip, you do however have a guarantee for having real WingClips.



The standard WingClips are packaged in deskboxes per 200 pieces. Other shapes differ from 150 to 180 per box. Different promotional packaging options are available like the gift boxes, display box, promotional bags, personal bas or the cheapest standard poly. bag.


The WingClip is available as:

A – standardmodel (swallow’s tail)
B – With a large rectangle with rounded corners
C – With a large rectangle
D – Oval
E – Circle

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