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ThemaClip with logo

The ThemaClip with logo is a practical paper clip that is used for documents from 2 to a maximum of 18 pages. Like the AxionClip, the ThemaClip is available from 500 pieces and there are 11 different shapes. Including round, rectangle, square, oval, heart and house shape. Due to the different shapes, there is a suitable paper clip for every logo.


There are four options to provide your ThemaClip with a logo. By screen printing, pad printing, offset printing or engraving.

Printing technique

Which printing technique is used depends on the design and the number of colors used. In most cases, offset printing is chosen. This can be done in one to four PMS colors, but also in full-color (CMYK). The ThemaClip is printed directly on steel and regardless of the printing technique, this is due to the ribbed back, which the AxionClip also has, is only possible on one side. Unlike the AxionClip, the ThemaClip has no brand name on the back.


ThemaClips with laser-engraving give a slightly more chic look. With engraving, the clips are available from 500 pieces. When engraving, the logo is deeply (tangibly) cut into the stainless steel. This is never in color.


Free design

You can choose to include a company logo or image with the application. We will then fully make a customized printing proposal free of charge . We prefer to receive an illustrator eps / ai (vector) file.


The printed ThemaClip is standard packed in a cardboard office box. 100 ThemaClips go in a desk box.

The ThemaClip is available as

A – portrait model, rectangle (vertical)
B – with circle
C – with large square
D – with horizontal oval shape
E – with heart shape
F – with delivery van
G – with truck
H – with flag
I – with tilted square
J – with house shape
K – with four clover

Design templates

Normally we take care of the layout of printed paper clips. If you download one of the line drawings on the right, you could do this yourself. The maximum printable area is shown in the line drawing.

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