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What can we say about the MarkClip. This is the first and oldest promotional paperclip with logo available! For decades this clip has been sold around the globe and still going strong. The MarkClip with logo is easy to use. You press the middle part with your thumb and slide it over your document(s). The total amount of paper this printed paperclip can hold is about 10 pages depending on the thickness of the paper used. The MarkClip has a printable size of 10 x 10 mm which makes it the smallest printable paperclip in our assortment. The MarkClip is made out of stainless steel and is one of the lightest available. Its weight makes it interesting to send with documents by post! This clip is available from 1.000 pieces.



This small stainless steel paperclip is available only with PAD print or engraving. The MarkClip can only be printed or engraved on the front. The clip is coated with a protective layer to protect the ink.




If you would like us to make a design with your logo, please add it with your quote request. If the file is too big or uploading it does not work you can send it by mail to We prefer an .eps or .ai file. If this is not available at the moment of sending the quote we can make a first draft with a .jpg or .png.




MarkClips are packaged in stamdard deskboxes per 250. We also have different promotional packaging options like a gift box, dosplay box, promotional pouch or a standard pouch. If you are interested in one or more of these options, please let us know! The clip boxes have a foam cushion on the top and are sealed off with a cardboard sleeve. This way the clips will not scratch each other when being shipped.


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