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The Gripclip is a rectangular Clip that is suitable for documents up to 10 pages. It is similar to the Axionclip model A but has a different backside. It can also be found under the name Image Clip. We have 2 versions available for this personalised paperclip. You can order this clip with burls. This makes the printing surface a little smaller but makes the clip with logo stand out more. There is also a version without burls with a bigger printing surface.



There are 3 different techniques that are used to put your logo on the GripClip.

  • Full-color digital
  • PAD print
  • Engraving

Full-color is available from 250 pcs. This print is suitable for logo’s or prints with a gradient in them.
PAD print is available from 1000 pcs. PAD print is a smooth print using PMS or HKS color codes. This technique is available for logo’s or prints up to 4 colors.
Laserengraving can also be done from 250 pcs, this gives the clip a more fancy look.

For others, there is also the option to order the clips unprinted.



If you add your logo to the quote, we make a free design for you! We prefer an .ai or .eps file.


The one and only GripClip

On the backside you see the trademark of the clip. This shows you are holding a real clip which is tested for quality



The Gripclips or Imageclips are packed in deskboxes per 250 pcs. We also have promotional packages available. If you want more information, please fill in your question with your quote!

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