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Golden PaperClip

The GoldClip is a with 24 carat gold plated clip and exclusively available with PrintedPaperClips.co.uk. The golden clip is a fancy clip which is mostly used for more luxurious events. It is available from 100 pieces. This golden paperclip with print is similar to the stainless steel AxionClip, WingClip and WingClip XL en therefor available in different modes. For every logo there is a shape available. This 24 carat gold clip is easy to use and can be used for documents up to 18 pages. The Wingclip XL can be used for documents up to 40 pages.


Printing or engraving

The gold clip can be printed digitally or engraved. With digital print the print is always one-sided and full-color. Two-sided print is possibe. The extra costs are 40% on the one-sided clip price and 2 times the setup costs. A protective layer is brought on over the ink to protect it from scratching off. This does not go for engraving since it is not required.



We always make a free design for a paperclips with logo. If you would like us to do so, please add your logo to your request preferably in the .ai or .eps extention. If this does not work for some reason, you can also email it to info@printedpaperclips.co.uk


The real Golden PaperClip

Some models of this clip have the Markclip logo embossed in the material. This way, you are guarenteed to have an official clip with great quality!




There are several premium packaging options. Please contact us for information.


The Gouden PaperClip is available as



  • A – standardmodel (swallow’s tail)
  • B – with a large rectangle with rounded corners
  • C – with a large rectangle
  • D – oval
  • E – circle



  • A – rectangle model
  • B – circle
  • C – big square
  • D – skew rectangle
  • E – stretched oval
  • F – big rectangle
  • G – skew oval
  • H – standing oval
  • I – heraldry


WingClip XL

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