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It’s in the name, DutchClip. A paperclip that is produced on Dutch soil! The stainless steel DutchClip is already available from 125 pcs. and that’s wíth your logo printed on it! This paperclip with logo is available as stainless steel clip and in 3 standard coated colors black, white and gold. There is also the option to have your clips coated with your own RAL color! And yes, in that version the DutchClip with logo is also available from 125 pcs!


Compared to other clips the DutchClip has an elegant appearance. This is because of the special shape. The DutchClip has a special little bent edge on the back which makes it really easy to use! In fact, the DutchClip is the most user friendly clip that we have in our assortment. The DutchClip can be used for documents up to 25 pages. Rush delivery is possible with smaller amounts. You could have the clips on your desk within a few days!



The DutchClip with logo is available with printing directly on steel. It can be printed with any color you want, also full-color. A transparent protective layer is brought on after the printing process. This holds UV-protection for the colors.


When you add your logo to your price quote request, we make you a design free of costs. We prefer to receive your company logo in the .eps or .ai extention. This is a good quality logo so we can make the best visual as possible. You can also ask for the Illustrator drawings, so you or your designer can make a design for yourself.


The one and only

On the backside of this advertising clip you will always find the trademark of DutchClip embossed in the steel. With this trademark you are certain that you hold an original DutchClip, produced in The Netherlands.



DutchClips are packaged in white deskboxes per 125 pcs. The standard (white) deskboxes can also be printed. There are also different promotional packaging options available.

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