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The BudgetClip, also called the PromoClip digital, is an elegant clip available in stainless steel and brass (+10% extra charge). This printed paperclip is the exact same model as the PromoClip, only it wears a label. Therefor it is already available from 500 pieces, making it one of the best deals available. Because of the swallow’s tail, this paperclip with logo is easy to use on documents up to 18 pages.


Printing or engraving

The BudgetClip is always fit with a full-color printed label. For a fancier look, you can also choose to engrave your logo on the paperclip. With laserengraving your print is ‘cut’ into the stainless steel. This is never in color, but gives a grey-ish look.



Every paperclip is carefully deburred. This way your documents or desk will not damage when applying the clip.



To make a free design for the logoclip, you can attach your company’s logo with your price quote request. We prefer an Adobe Illustrator .eps or .ai file. But for a first design we can usually also work with a .jpg file. For a great end result we always require an Adobe Illustrator .eps or .ai file. If you don’t have this in your possession, you can always ask your advertising agency. We also have the tools to reproduce your logo for a small charge.


The real Budget-/PromoClip

On the fold on the backside the trademark Promoclip is always embossed into the clip. This way you know if you have a real Budget- and/or PromoClip in your possession! Upon request we can remove this.



These paperclips with brand are packaged in transparent plastic boxes per 100 pieces. For a small extra fee it is possible to put them in smaller boxes, bigger boxes or different promotional packaging. When you are interested in different packaging options, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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