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AxionClip with logo

The AxionClip is a functional paperclip that can be used for documents holding up to 15 pages. This AxionClip is available from 500 pieces. Just like the WingClip, the AxionClip is available in several models. You can pick from 9 shapes such as a round model, square model or oval model. All these different sizes can fit any logo! And if there is no shape that fits your logo there is the possibility of creating a shape of your own. Don’t forget that the mold has to be specially made, so this is quite valuable. If you are interested in a custom shape please contact us for an offer.

Printing or engraving

Our AxionClip with logo is available from 500 pieces with digital full color print. The AxionClip is pad printed from 2.500 pieces. In most cases this is in PMS colors only from 5.000 pieces it is possible to do a full color pad print. The clip will get a transparent protective coating after the ink is brought on. The backside of the AxionClip is not flat, so it is not possible to do a two-sided print. Laser engraving is possible though!


You can add your logo with your quote request so we can make a design. We do it free of charge. We prefer a vectorized file with the extension .eps or .ai . This way we can make a nice impression.

The one and only AxionClip

To be sure you are in possession of a real AxionClip, the trademark is brought on to the backside of the clip. With a digital print, this is always green ánd there is no possibility to leave it off. This is because the clips for digital print are pre-produced. With pad print the MarkClip trademark can be done in one of the colors in your logo. The trademark can be left off upon request. However, these are extra costs of € 30,00 per 1.000 pieces.


The AxionClips are packaged in deskboxes per 140-200 depending on the model. If you have a question about a different promotional packaging, please contact us.

The AxionClip is available as:

A – Rectangle model
B – Circle
C – Big square
D – Skew rectangle
E – Stretched oval
F – Big rectangle
G – Skew oval
H – Standing oval
I – Heraldry

Design templates

Normally we take care of the layout of printed paper clips. If you download one of the line drawings on the right, you could do this yourself. The maximum printable area is shown in the line drawing.

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