PMS colors

PMS colors

PMS colors are color coding published by the company Pantone. PMS stands for “Pantone Matching System”. It is an unambiguous agreement between all parties in the printing industry. The printing technique used for printed paperclips in PMS colors is done by pad printing.

In most cases paper clips are printed from an edition of 2,500 pieces onwards. pad printing, and thus in PMS colors. For example, these are the PromoClip , WingClip and AxionClip. The GripClip can be printed with PMS colors from as little as 1,000 pieces.

We have a full-color logo. What to do?

If your logo is full-color and you want to have your clips printed with PMS colors, we recommend requesting these PMS colors from the designer of the logo. If it is not available, we can search for a PMS color that comes as close as possible to the full-color values. From 5,000 pieces, pad printing is also available in full color.

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